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mission of the magician:
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to approach life in
a state of Wonder.




A Neglected Shadow

Paris. Louvre Museum. Richelieu wing. Second floor. Room fourteen. “The Sheperds of Arcadia”, the representation of four shepherds in front of a tomb, was created by Nicolas Poussin around 1640. Its symbolic meaning was transparent to man for over three centuries, but during the 20th century it was completely lost. From the 60s its image started to be looked at with intrigue: maybe it was hiding a secret. How do we explain the modern mania to analyze paintings like they are puzzles?

Written and directed by Mariano Tomatis

Inspired to “A Neglected Shadow in Poussin’s Et in Arcadia Ego” by Lawrence D. Steefel and “Why Are Our Pictures Puzzles?” by James Elkins.

Harp: Catrin Finch — Voice: Steve Gorick — Many thanks to Marcus Williamson