Enzo Valenzetti

Enzo Valenzetti (1929-2008) was born in the island of Sardinia (Italy). Identified as a math prodigy from an early age, he attended the prestigious Fibonacci State Institute of Advanced Sciences early in life - achieving the equivalent of a full doctorate before the age of sixteen - but his strident desire for privacy, compounded by a gag order placed on his personal information by the Italian government - reportedly in exchange for his services - has thwarted even the most intense of inquiries into his career and movements, and Valenzetti's death silenced many who sought to tell his story. Similarly, Valenzetti has never published his research - but his reputation is legendary among mathematicians and scientists alike.

Valenzetti's most legendary contribution is said to be his eponymous equation. Anecdotal reports indicate that Valenzetti, at the request of the United Nations, devised a complicated algorithm capable of predicting the exact date of the extinction of the human race. As with so many things relating to Valenzetti, the actual equation has never been seen. The result of Valenzetti's equation remains unknown and is the subject of much speculation. Sadly the answers to many of the mysteries of Valenzetti's life vanished with him after his single-engine plane crashed during a trans-European flight.

In 2009 his wife put all his files in Mariano Tomatis' hands, an Italian researcher from Turin (Italy) today Mathematical Forecasting Initiative's Chairman

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