Fate versus free will

Use your free choice to find today's candidate with this interactive test

Test created by Mariano Tomatis

Are we victims of inescapable fate, or do we really have the power to create our own destiny? That is an age-old question. This experiment is intended to evaluate the effect of a delicate balance: the attitude of obeying rules and the one of choosing by free will.

The six steps will deal both with free choices and instructions to be followed. From the beginning of the test, a character has been chosen as today's candidate. You will not be informed about his (or her's) identity: you will discover her (or him) at the end of the experiment, by clicking the link given at the 6th step.

Shannon RutherfordJohn LockeJack Shepard 

Follow these instructions:

1) Put you finger on any male character.

2) Move up or down till you find a female.

3) Move left or right till you reach a male.

4) Move diagonally till you find a female.

5) Move up or down till you reach a male.

6) Click here to discover who is today's candidate and compare him with your free choice.

Kate AustenJuliet BurkeBenjamin Linus
Desmond HumeSun-Hwa KwonAna Lucia Cortez
James FordClaire LittletonSayid Jarrah

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