Italian writer and magician
working for a better Rule #34:
«If it exists, there is magic of it.
If not, let’s make it!»







 2014 (36)

16 August 2014 Todd Reichert’s wing flapping aircraft

15 August 2014 Four bookstores with great and cheap books in San Francisco

14 August 2014 Unearthing failures in a land of winners

13 August 2014 Forbidden apples and musical bubbles in the art of Charlotte Jarvis

12 August 2014 Cultivating wonder: the contribution by Jason Salavon

11 August 2014 Artificial paradises from Hasan-i Sabbah to Silicon Valley

10 August 2014 Italian interactive magic books, back to life

9 August 2014 The Shortest and Funniest Mesmeric Act Ever... Online

7 August 2014 You’re sitting in a chair in the sky!

6 August 2014 Re-enchanting airports with the Five Cent Koan

5 August 2014 Past, Present and Future in three magic experiences

30 July 2014 Making things look like magic by any means necessary

26 July 2014 Magic for Palestine

23 July 2014 Magic to the People

22 July 2014 From Turin to Bay Area for the funniest Mesmeric Act ever

21 July 2014 How to create two linking rings out of a newspaper

8 July 2014 A Mathemagical Lab for educators

7 July 2014 Frederik Pohl’s Camp in a Starship

5 July 2014 The Final Secret of the Illuminati

4 July 2014 The 16th century computer and the book that kills

3 July 2014 A “Hey, but… it’s me!” experience for your friends

27 June 2014 Be smark! Lucid self-delusion in Robert-Houdin's magic

26 June 2014 My magic celebration of the TV series Lost

25 June 2014 The man who (didn’t) walk across the river Seine

21 June 2014 Angelo Monne’s unexpected metaphors

19 June 2014 Alexander and his magic tricks in the 2nd century

18 June 2014 Becoming Spider-Man? Yes, in London you can

16 June 2014 Who is gonna lose the head?

15 June 2014 Knuth’s “Disappearances”: my Oulipian creative tool

14 June 2014 The biggest drawing in world

13 June 2014 Mesmeristic treatments and artistic barricades

12 June 2014 Experientializing goods with magic

11 June 2014 Sawing a woman in half? A political message

10 June 2014 Technological magic: the short story of Google Mind

9 June 2014 Magic and hypnosis: keeping trickery out of the door

8 June 2014 Working for a better Rule #34