Mariano Tomatis was born in Turin (Italy) 15472 days ago. He lives between Turin and Ravenna. Appointed Mathematical Forecasting Initiative's Chairman in 2009, since many years he is running scientific and historical projects about weird and bizarre things, with a specific interest towards the Sense of Wonder.

In 2008 he was commissioned to design and build the new museum of Rennes-le-Château.

After his lectio magistralis "The Mathematics of the Paranormal" held in Rome during the Italian "Festival della Matematica 2009", Enzo Valenzetti's widow entrusted him to head Mathematical Forecasting Initiative by putting in his hands all his husband's files.

In 2010 he published two books related to Mathematical Forecasting Initiative: "The Magic of the Numbers" (Milan: Kowalski Ed.) and "2012 The end of the world comes into play" (Rome: Iacobelli Ed.).

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