In this page, a list of our current active projects is available. You can join us by contributing with articles and essays on the topics here listed. We are working to make all Enzo Valenzetti's files available in electronic format. They soon will be all available in this page.

The original goal of Mathematical Forecasting Initiative was to accurately predict future events and trends by analysing current states and creating mathematical models. The studies in this area have recently been updated in order to take into account the occurrence of high-impact, hard-to-predict, and rare events that are beyond the realm of normal expectations (Black Swans).

Mariano Tomatis
2012-Great-Shift Stress Evaluating Test
Find out your psychological attitude towards the End of the World

Mariano Tomatis
Mesoamerican Long Count calendar
A countdown to 2012?

Mariano Tomatis
Timewave Zero analysis in R-Environment
The numerological formula forecasting the end of the world on 2012

Mariano Tomatis
4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42
Mathematical expressions producing Lost's most prominent recurring theme

Statistics is currently used in parapsychological studies to distinguish between the role of psychic powers and the one of randomness during scientific tests. Moreover, mathematical tricks can be at work behind the curtains when paranormal phenomena seem to happen.

Falling under the category of "recreational mathematics", the mathematics of magic tricks and puzzles is a powerful tool of investigation of the liminal area between Reality and Illusion; it may reveal the fascinating aesthetics of numerical structures and the inner secrets of deductive reasoning and creativity.

Mariano Tomatis
The Mathematics of the Paranormal
A short introduction with a mathematical psychokinetic feat

Mariano Tomatis
Pi Day Twitter Mind Reading
The biggest scale Twitter-based mind reading stunt ever conceived

Orthoteny Principle is the hypothesis that flying saucers travel in straight lines. Originally proposed in 1954 by French ufologist Aimé Michel (1919-1992), it was the first mathematical approach to flying saucers phenomenon, allowing researchers to study it from a statistical point of view.

Paul Julian
UFO A Statistical Analysis
Excerpt from the Condon Report (University of Colorado UFO Project)

Mariano Tomatis
Statistical Analysis of Orthoteny
A detailed guide to the geometrical study of Sacred Geometries and Orthoteny

Mariano Tomatis
Sacred Geometries powered by Google Maps
Locate weird geometrical shapes on the places you love

Mariano Tomatis
Chess, Knight's Tour and Secret Codes
Detailed analysis of the Great Parchment of Rennes-le-Château

Mariano Tomatis
Vigenère Encrypter
Encrypt a text with le chiffre indéchiffrable by Blaise de Vigenère

Mariano Tomatis
What's Special About...?
Discover why all numbers are special

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