Mindreading through medieval technology plugged with a iPhone

18 August 2013 — On PBS NewsHour David Pescovitz comments on Boing Boing's Ingenuity Event, sharing the shocking experience had with Ferdinando Buscema, the Italian Magic Experience Designer.

Connecting via Bluetooth a Llullian Wheel (1)  (12th century tech) with a iPhone 5 (21st century tech) and running my "Llullian Wheel App" he could read in David's mind the password LUX23. Watch here David's comment:

Here you can throw a look on the structure of the contraption — based on an ancient hermetic tradition — which enabled Ferdinando to present the mindreading performance:


1. The performance involved a replica created by Ian and David Metcalfe based on a picture by Ramon Llull (1232-1315).

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